All Or Nothing Lottery Game Discontinued

Due to poor performance, Carolina Cash 5 was discontinued from its portfolio of draw games by the lottery and replaced with Powerball and Mega Millions as the primary draw games. Carolina Pick 3 will remain as an option while Carolina Cash 5 and multi-state Lucky for Life jackpot will become more prominent as part of its portfolio of draw games.

All or Nothing was a lottery game where players would select eleven numbers between one and 22 from 1-22 and win one of either all winning numbers, none winning numbers, or matching only 1, 2, 3, or 4 winning numbers for maximum potential prizes of $250,000! Draws took place twice daily seven days a week.

Each play cost $2 per drawing and allowed players to select their own numbers or ask retailers for a Quick Pick service. Retail partners of Wisconsin Lottery were paid a percentage of each sold play regardless of whether it won or lost; additionally, should player selections fail to match or exceed official lottery drawing numbers, no money was awarded as compensation to these retailers in relation to that draw.

The Lottery did not officially explain their decision to discontinue the game, though officials indicated it may have something to do with preventing unexpected financial liabilities if an unrealistic number of winners in one drawing occurred. They also pointed to issues with how it was designed that allowed players to buy tickets which gave no chance at all at winning the top prize.

All or Nothing sales were suspended on June 3rd to address these concerns, according to The Lottery. Odds of winning the top prize have been set at one in 2,704,156, but tickets may still be purchased up until the Call Date when they will start selling in stores.