Are There Any Poker Machines in Macau?

Gambling has a long tradition in Macau and since its union with China is now legal here alone. As one of Asia’s premier gaming destinations and an increasingly popular tourist spot, Macau stands out as an outstanding place for gambling enthusiasts from all around the world to visit. You’ll find numerous casinos scattered across Macau Island as well as Cotai and Taipa; each has their own special design or theme; for instance some have the look and feel of Paris while others adopt Chinese styles; the gambling industry accounts for 50% of Macau economy!

Chips and dominoes clattering on the floor can lull your mind into an irresistibly thrilling state where reality slips away into an irresistibly seductive stream of fast money and high stakes gambling. But should a gambler think he has been transported back in time to Las Vegas during its roaring 20s era, most casinos feature signs to remind him that his reality lies within this vibrant yet dangerous world of gambling.

Although most Asian casinos are smoke free, you should still bring a light jacket for protection from the hot and humid air. Currency used at casinos includes Hong Kong dollars; some establishments may accept Macau Patacas (Mops). Tipping is customary; no extra tipping necessary! Aside from casinos you can also try your luck at other forms of gambling such as slot machines, baccarat and roulette tables.

Historically, most casinos offered video poker games but few people actually enjoyed them; most offered poor odds that only returned 95% or lower. Casino operators knew this was often due to lower commission earnings from poker tables than from a product like bingo or sports.

These days, many casinos in Macau have begun offering poker. One example is The Londoner Macau which boasts a full array of poker tables on its second-floor seating area for as little as HK$20 to play on. There are also two blackjack tables.

Macau recently saw another addition to its poker scene with the Babylon Casino at Fisherman’s Wharf, boasting three tables and a VIP poker lounge – featuring no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha and other varieties of poker games – plus sportsbooks.

Prior to planning their visit to Macau, poker players should become informed of its gambling laws. While foreigners are allowed to gamble in Macau, they should bring along valid passports. Furthermore, Macau differs significantly from China in regards to gambling law requirements and language requirements and should thus help prevent any issues with local authorities.