What Sporting Events Are Happening Today?

No matter your sport of choice, world-class events have the ability to captivate and exhilarate audiences alike. Not only are matches riveting or finishes breathtaking – not even just new world records or scores are remarkable; world-class events create a unique sense of camaraderie between all participants that makes the whole experience an unforgettable one!

NYC is known as one of the premier sporting hubs, thanks to its legendary teams and venues. From football teams such as Giants vs Jets (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), to basketball (Knicks & Nets of NBA), this city hosts some of the world’s greatest sporting events.

Every four years, the Olympics is an unsurpassed colossus that unites athletes from over 200 nations under a banner of healthy competition. If you’re searching for thrills, drama or history – or an experience once-in-a-lifetime – check the On Location sporting calendar to find out which sporting events are happening now – then plan your bucket list adventure today!

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