Which States Allow Online Gambling?

Online gambling has taken longer to take off than anticipated, and most states still haven’t legalized it. Nonetheless, the industry is now active in 30 U.S. states – more are expected to legalize in coming years – making choosing an ideal gaming state more difficult than expected. We’ve done the legwork for you by going through each state to find which ones allow online gambling and provide their respective regulations and licensing options.

Arizona remains among the strictest in terms of gambling laws and does not permit online casino play for residents. They can, however, participate in state lotteries, casino-style gambling at licensed locations, video lottery terminals at racinos, daily fantasy sports platforms and charitable bingo events as alternatives.


Since 2022, DraftKings’ mobile gambling app has allowed residents of Arkansas to legally gamble legally; however, its market remains limited and is expected to decrease when Massachusetts launches online betting operations this year. Furthermore, retail betting site Intralot may soon come online in Arkansas.

Connecticut was taken by surprise when legal iGaming was legalized in 2023, yet its growth has not taken off as anticipated. DraftKings and FanDuel are currently available to residents, with additional providers coming online potentially in the near future; nonetheless, significant momentum must first be generated for Connecticut to become a top sports betting destination.

Georgia remains unfavorable to online casino gambling despite having relatively progressive legislation. Lawmakers have made efforts to change this, yet are facing strong resistance, making it unlikely that online gambling will ever become legal here anytime soon.

Hawaii may be known for its beautiful travel destination status, yet has some of the strictest gambling laws in the nation. Gambling on both land and sea is strictly illegal – the only exceptions being social no-rake poker games and charitable bingo games that provide social benefits.

Puerto Rico

While not a US state, Puerto Rican citizens can legally gamble offshore in regulated environments – bettors can place wagers on sports, horse racing and even cockfighting events.

Wyoming, one of the more conservative states when it comes to gambling laws, remains unlikely that online casinos will ever become legalized. Though tribal casinos provide some gambling opportunities within Wyoming’s borders, most residents opt for offshore sites instead to satisfy their gambling desires.

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