Is Online Gambling Legal in Virginia?

Virginia seems to be moving beyond its predilection for gambling. With online sports betting now legal in the state and positive referendum votes on casino referendums showing an apparent shift in attitudes, Virginia appears poised for significant progress when it comes to casino expansion and gaming regulation.

Current gaming laws only permit sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports in Virginia; however, this could change by 2021 when five casinos will likely open in Norfolk, Danville, Bristol, and Portsmouth after these cities voted to approve them.


Virginia offers multiple gambling opportunities. While it does not possess its own regulated casinos, a variety of online and offline establishments allow people to gamble legally within its borders. Please remember that underage gambling is illegal.

Virginia is generally considered a conservative state; however, their attitude toward legalized gambling seems to be evolving rapidly. After beginning sports betting in March 2020 and two positive casino referendum votes since, Virginia became the first US state to acknowledge daily fantasy sports play as legitimate gambling activity.

Virginia online casinos will likely take some time before being fully operational, but their development is underway. Meanwhile, you can visit other reputable online casinos across other states which will offer an exciting array of casino games including slots.

Games offered

Numerous online gambling sites offer a comprehensive selection of casino games. In addition to video slots, table games such as blackjack and roulette can also be found, along with bingo- and lottery-style games. All these are designed for entertainment while raising funds for charitable causes – the best way to select an online casino site should be looking at its game library first and foremost when making your selection decision.

Although Virginia does not yet permit virtual casinos, residents can still play leading offshore operators sites that recognize Virginia as a grey market and won’t bring criminal prosecution against players. Before selecting an operator in Virginia to play with, be sure that they’re licensed in your jurisdiction and offer fast cash outs – typically within 24 hours or less! Furthermore, select an online casino with an excellent reputation to ensure safe gameplay.

Payment options

When it comes to online casino gaming, you want to be sure the site offers multiple payment methods and secure and has a good reputation. Furthermore, you should verify if it has been licensed and regulated in your region.

Virginia is one of few states that doesn’t explicitly ban online gambling, which may be for the best. Gambling addiction disproportionately impacts low-income communities, and many religious organizations claim it wastes resources that could otherwise go to supporting families.

Although California doesn’t feature land-based casinos, gambling online sportsbooks and social casinos is legal. Daily fantasy sports as well as state lottery can also be enjoyed legally here. Furthermore, players may use sweep coins – virtual currency that can be redeemed for cash prizes – at certain online casinos that encourage recruiting friends by offering incentives in return.


One of the primary obstacles of gambling lies in its tendency for certain individuals to go beyond what is necessary and lose large sums of money. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a legitimate site and ensure security measures are in place – for best results look for one licensed by a state regulator so integrity monitoring and betting rules are established properly.

A quality website should offer customer service options such as help centers, live chat support and phone support for customer convenience. Furthermore, they should feature secure banking systems with multiple payment methods and loyalty-reward programs with special perks and bonuses for their users.

While real-money online casinos may not yet be legal in Virginia, social casino and sweepstakes websites offer players virtual currencies known as ‘sweep coins” to bet for real-world cash prizes. Many of these websites also encourage their players to invite friends – by doing so their account will often increase!

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