Is Online Gambling Legal in the United States?

Are You an Addict of Casinos or Other Gambling Websites in the US? Unfortunately, gambling for real money on any website or app remains illegal across all 50 states; though a handful have legalized these gambling services.

Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), mandating that states could only offer sports betting within their borders at licensed casinos or horse racing facilities licensed by federal regulators, such as casinos or horse racing facilities licensed to host gambling operations. PASPA further prohibits federally licensed payment processing networks such as credit cards, electronic funds transfers or checks from being used to facilitate internet gambling; furthermore it mandates that gambling websites display responsible gaming information and link out to organizations like Gamblers Anonymous or New York Problem Gambling Resource Centers for support.

While sports betting was legalized in Nevada and New Jersey in 2013, the growth of online casino gaming and poker has been slower. Still, it remains hopeful that more states such as California, Illinois, and Indiana may legalize such forms of gambling soon enough.

Utah does not permit online gambling; their laws classify providing or offering it as a third-degree felony. Furthermore, Utah has taken proactive steps to exclude themselves from any potential federal laws which might allow such activity.

Hawaii does not permit online gambling; however, the island is a popular tourist destination and thus creates significant demand for gaming online. Unfortunately, this situation is unlikely to change in the near future due to concerns regarding addiction and financial risks involved with online gaming.

New York may have an international reputation for liberal politics, yet its laws on gambling remain stringent. Under New York state law books, any promotion or operation of casino-like online gaming constitutes a crime; with one notable exception: Daily Fantasy Sports has been legalized as form of gambling within its borders.

Georgia legalized online sports betting in 2021. Casino gambling remains illegal there. So far, efforts at amending gambling-friendly legislation have failed to gain momentum; but with current political sentiment in favor of gambling-friendly legislation it could change in future years.

Online gambling is currently legal in Virginia, enabling residents to place bets on both college and professional sports teams as well as poker sites that meet certain requirements regulated by a U.S. licensing body.

Arkansas law permits online gambling; however, mobile device gambling has yet to become legalized. That could change by 2023 as legislation was recently proposed that could legalize this form of gambling in 2023 – although there have been concerns raised that legalizing mobile device gambling might harm land-based casinos in Arkansas and thereby hinder any efforts at legalization in future.

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