How to Use a Jamboard Game in Your Classroom

Google Jamboard is a collaborative whiteboard that allows teachers and students to work together synchronously or asynchronously, featuring tools such as sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, erasers, selection tools and laser pointers that make focusing on different parts of the screen easy.

On you will find many templates suitable for many uses. Many are ready-to-go; CKbet simply save one to your Google Drive and drag into place to begin using it. Or you could create your own Jamboard template but this requires more technical know-how.

One of my favorite uses of a Jamboard is as an engaging morning meeting activity for new students. Using it allows them to quickly learn names and discuss topics of commonality among classmates – much like using a Venn Diagram throughout the year! It works great as a fun way for them to get acquainted.

An effective use for Jamboards as formative assessment tools is to use them as formative assessments. You could create a KWL chart or an interactive brainstorming board so students can share what they expect to learn during a unit, enabling collaboration as students form small groups to design charts before sharing with the entire class.

English may not be one of the more enjoyable subjects, and teaching students to identify themes or analyze pieces of writing can be challenging. With a Jamboard, however, students can use its shapes as highlighters to mark up texts and highlight themes or literary devices easily – you can find out more from Lucky Little Learners about this awesome idea!

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